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Welcome to The Amazing T.K LLC

Your Friendly Neighborhood Video Game Company

The Amazing T.K LLC was founded in 2018 by Timothy J. Colbert-Kemp, a multi-talented actor and musician also known by his stage name The Amazing T.k.This developer is fueled by the love for great art and entertainment through story telling, incorporating cultural lore and conspiracies, and fantastic yet relatable  characters. The Amazing T.K LLC aims to bring fun creative visions to life. Read on to learn.

Spaceship Landing on Earth

Coming Soon To Consoles

Get familiar with The Amazing T.K LLC, a budding Video Game Company in Southern California. Check out some of the games created. Our latest game "The Amazing T.K's Suburban Nightmares" is currently available on PC. It is also receiving an update for console release.


With time, our work grows and evolves into something more sophisticated and even more ambitious. If you’d like to learn more about our past, present and future games, check out our portfolio. Here you will be able to see how much we’ve evolved and you’ll soon understand what makes us a budding Video Game Company in Southern California.

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The Amazing T.K's
Suburban Nightmares

January 2, 2020

Currently Available on STEAM

Inspired by the horror/slasher pop culture from the 80's, this multiplayer survival horror pits players against each other in suburban landscapes. Other players aren't the only danger. A serial killer and plenty of copycat psycopaths that he's inspired are still terrorizing victims. Players collect the souls of the enemies they kill or find; the person with the most at the end of the match wins. Each map accommodates four players locally and have AI characters with unique weapons and statistics.

Survivor Horror / Party​

1-4 Players Local


Made using UE4

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Venture Quests

December 13, 2016

Players embark on epic quests as OFFICIAL ADVENTURERS and  have three general goals: venture as a hero or villain and collect either Badges of Honor or Badges of Cruelty as they leave their mark in the fictional world where the game takes place, collect COMBAT PATCHES to learn new skills and acquire new items, and train a team of powerful ALLIES from those they have joined forces with to compete against squads formed by other ADVENTURERS and eventually earn the title of LEGENDARY ADVENTURER.



Made using RPGMV

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The Amazing T.K's
Suburban Nightmares

May 4, 2013

When a wormhole suddenly appears in space, heroes from different universes must band together to face a force of unfathomable evil. The Amazing T.k, a member of The Academy of Tomorrow and who is the main character of the game, finds that two ancient beings known as Apocalypse and Synn have found a way to bridge universes. Together they've formed a group consisting of the most powerful villians the multiverse has ever seen. The Amazing T.k calls forth the greatest heroes to his space station in an attempt to defeat the forces of evil.


1-2 Players Local



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